Verdicts & Settlements

E.E.O.C. and Pennisi, Pabon & Ontaneda v. United Health Programs of America, et al.
Jury Verdict of $5.1 Million
The firm represented three of the ten plaintiffs in this religious discrimination lawsuit, along with the United States Equal Opportunity Commission (E.E.O.C.). After a three week trial before Judge Kiyo Matsumoto of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, a jury returned a verdict in favor of Plaintiffs in the amount of $5.1 Million. The case received national and local press coverage.

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E.E.O.C. and Borumand v. Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Settlement of $1.55 Million
The firm represented the plaintiff in this national origin and religious discrimination case against Merrill Lynch, along with co-counsel Liddle & Robinson LLP. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (E.E.O.C.) was a co-plaintiff in the suit, which alleged that plaintiff, an Iranian National of Muslim faith, was discriminated and ultimately terminated from Merrill Lynch because of his nationality and religion. The case settled for $1.55. Million after mediation. The case received national press coverage in the print and online media.

Chuck Wepner v. Sylvester Stallone
Undisclosed confidential settlement for plaintiff Wepner.
In an internationally highly-publicized lawsuit, the firm represented former professional boxer Chuck Wepner in a right of publicity lawsuit against Sylvester Stallone, arising out of Stallone’s use of Wepner’s name in connection with the sale of products associated with the Rocky movie franchise. The suit was filed in 2003 seeking damages of $15 Million, and was settled in August 2006 for an undisclosed sum subject to confidentiality agreement between the parties. Press coverage of the lawsuit and the settlement was widespread and frequent, both in the print media and television.

Zhang v. The Fuji Bank
Settlement of $257,000.00
The firm represented the plaintiff in this national origin discrimination case. The plaintiff is a Chinese-American who worked as an Analyst for the United States branch of the Japanese bank.

Vita v. Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York (J.P. Morgan)
Settlement of $210,000.00
The firm represented the plaintiff in this age discrimination lawsuit against J.P. Morgan, which was settled for $210,000 at the end of discovery.

Bi-Coastal Pharmaceutical Corp. Non-Competition Lawsuit
Confidential six-figure settlement in favor of employer.
The firm represented Bi-Coastal Pharmaceutical Corp. in a lawsuit to enforce the terms of an employee non-competition agreement as against the former employee, as well as claims of tortious interference with contract as against the company where the former employee became subsequently employed. The firm litigated and ultimately settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed sum in favor of our client, which sum was paid by the former employer and the company which he had obtained employment.

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